A Chant of Dark and Light

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Aethen showed he isn’t as clueless as all that by not jumping through that portal. Just as well as judging by the tracks we found when we got the key there was a whole heap of big lizard things over the other side waiting.

Strange place, though, we got to. All boggy sort of ground in a valley between mountains somewhere in the Outlands. Odd place, made even more so by this Illithid berk that splutters his last as we meet him. Another lies inside a sinking kip, and we’re just in time to hear him gasp that his God is dead or some such. Whatever you say, tentacle face. His head caves in on itself and I can’t say I’m too cut up about that.

Behind him we find another portal and this one is even odder. Every time me and the guys head through we find nothing but solid dark. And here’s the odd part of the chant: we get this strange information in our bone-boxes every time we cross through to the black. For me, I suddenly know that Madarn is against killing the big cat. Well, thanks for that, strange portal! A cutter I’ve never heard of might not want to attack a lion. Just what I needed to know.

Anyway, we leave this odd little building but I spies a nasty Eye Tyrant heading straight for us. Eep. Not good news, those beholder berks. We give him the laugh and sneak back in to the portal but sure enough the floating orb follows us in and damn near pens us all in the dead book. Somehow, we kill him first with not even a casualty. Lucky is sometimes better than skilled!

Better watch out in this place as we follow the lizardy trails north…

From the Journal of Norbert Del Rio

So, we’re just thinking about dessert at Lofgren’s kip in the Lower Ward when some berk from outside lets loose a shriek. Nice wine, he has, Lofgren. Not sure about all that priestly stuff, but he can pick a vintage that cutter. Anyways, we check out what’s happening on the street and there’s this vacant half-elf sod who looks like he’s just been bricked in the kisser and maybe bubbed up to boot. No, that’s not fair, not ugly, just not pretty like those elvsies usually is. And there’s this ebony skinned would-be-beauty looming over him, only she ain’t no looker either, and just…isn’t. That is she looks like she should be pretty, only there’s no fireworks going off with me, if you catch my meaning.

So, she says that there’s these lizardy berks going around with some magic doo-dah zapping people’s beauty out of them and putting it into a bottle. Well, looking at these two I can buy that. So Lef, our Harmonium basher, spots some lizardy tracks snaking away and we tail them. After a while we spot some dark figures sneaking off from a burning building down a side-street, and our fighters nip after them – they’re not normally speedy but Brazen Polly, our spellslinger, zips them up a treat and off they pop to give chase while Polly, Lofgren and yours truly try to save the kip. Polly’s plane-touched and got some dragon blood in her so fire’s no great deal to her and she picks up some burning rags calm as you like and carries them out. I offer to check the upstairs but Lofgren stops me (pah! he’s always doing that sort of thing) and we wait for the others to come back.

Afore they do, some high and mighties from the Ciphers come along and, would you credit it, start ragging on Brazen for arsoning the place up. Oh, she gives them some ticking off though! (Feisty sort she is). The other cutters come back with their, it turns out, anarchist arsonists. They get carted off by the Ciphers and off we go to catch the lizards (oh, and the Hardheads we met up with on the way come with us).

When we catch up with the lizardy folk they’re planning to give us the laugh through some portal down an alley. Some good sword play from the bashers and a well placed fireball from Lofgren soon sort them out, but the headguy slips through the door and off he goes. Looks to me like our other fighter – Aethen (the quick one) – is planning on bolting through that portal hisself. Hmm…not sure that’s a bright move cutter!

(Editor’s note:

berk – fool
cutter – person
bub – alcohol
kip – home
spellslinger – arcane spell caster
plane-touched – half human, half some planar entity
basher – fighter
give the laugh – escape
Hardheads – Harmonium
Cipher – member of the Transcendent Order
Anarchist – member of the Revolutionary League)

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