Norbert Del Rio

Halfling rogue.


Halfling sized. Quite handsome. A glint in his eye, as many young maids can testify. Well, they were maids once. Ahar!


Well, in between being a pavement artist (and sometime graffitist) I does a little pinching. No harm in it if’n it’s from the right sort of mark. Which is to say the wrong sort of berk. Some folks just deserve to lose their jink if they leave themselves open to it. I call it doing them a favour by letting them see how shoddy those defences are. Better me doing it than some evil sod who’ll spike them from behind and put them in the dead book.

The chant is that I can turn my hand to anything that requires skulking in the shadows. I’m good at that, my friends, very good at that. With some nifty skills in the way of hefting a longspear and punching daggers and avoiding being hit too. Hey, it’s not that I likes the fighting, but sometimes a guy just can’t avoid it. And when you’ve got a flair for the, well, flamboyant, there can be times when berks just don’t know how to take a joke.

Hailing from the merry Hive, a young halfling’s got to keep his wits about him. Many a cutter’s been left with his life’s blood spilling out of his guts under the spin of the spire thanks to just switching off a second too long. I don’t mean that to happen to this fellow, let me tell you. And I can sniff a portal out too…sometimes they can lead to problems, for sure, but maybe they lead to riches too. Nothing ventured and, well, you may as well be a tailor or a barman or something. Adventure, though, is a whole different animal! And adventure is my middle name. Well, it isn’t really. Truth to say, Norbert Del Rio isn’t even my true name. But only a fool gives that away in this city. And a fool I ain’t.

Norbert Del Rio

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