Brazen Polly

A short slim and toned human woman, with reddish brassy hair and a pretty face and smile; she does give off a vibe of "don't try it piker" when pushed though.


Dressed (sort of) in an amalgam of styles, at 4’ 11" this young lady is also very toned and slender and doesn’t seem too dangerous but remember this is Sigil, and if you always believe your eyes you’re going to go from being a Clueless to a seriously injured Clueless at best.

In game terms, she is as follows;

Sorcerer 5, Dragon Disciple 1


Hit Points=42
AC=16 (2 Natural Armour, +1 Dodge, +3 Dex)
Trait= Charming (
1 to Bluff and Diplomacy checks against targets sexually attracted to or compatible with Polly)
Feats=Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Combat Casting, Dodge

Skills feature Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy, Knowledge (Arcana) and Profession (Courtesan) as the main ones, with others following along behind; she can talk, and try to get her way around a mark by coercion, whether lyin’, sweet talkin’ or threatenin’.

Her spells favour a fiery aspect as befits a sorceress with a Brass Dragon Bloodline; she is looking forward very much to being able to cast Fireball in future.


“I ain’t no doxy cutter, (well, leastways no more) so put it away and go chat up a succubus. Only service I’m offerin’ ‘ere is FirePower, if you catch my spin. I ain’t no Ignuus, grant ye that, but I’m far less likely to burn you jus’ cos you was there. You pay me the jink I think, and I’ll look into wot’s griefin’ you. More n’that, I got this much time for you (holds up a dainty thumb and index finger a millimetre apart)”.

“Yeah, you’re ok. Ain’t asked me plenty of daft questions and ain’t spiked me yet when I wasn’t looking (not that I gave you a chance but still) so I can tell you a little. Don’t know who my folks were, and given I was found dumped in a doxyhouse’s doorway squalling to wake the dead, don’t much care. I mean, who dumps a sprog on a doxyhouses door? Couldn’t the berk dump me on ANY other door? Well, guess what I ended up as. Well, not for long though. I got lippy with cutters, didn’t much take to it and I was slung out when I gutted some merc who thought he could do that to me. Thing was, I had no weapon and I suddenly popped out these claws like. Right sharp things and he didn’t expect that to happen ye know, specially where I cut him. Anyways, I bailed, hid and stayed in the Hive. Found some arcane cutter who told me I was a Sorceress, and I got it cos one time in the past one o my ancestors knocked boots with some Dragon. Well, that gets a girl to thinkin’; no berk messes with Dragons, so how do I learn more? Since then, I been scoopin’ up the chant on this Sorceress/Dragon angle,and I likes it. I can burn folks, I ain’t easy to hit and I’m only gettin’ tougher. I got a crew I run around with, and we all seem to get along just fine for now. We seen a few scrapes and nobody flaked out, so I guess I can trust them; guess they could say the same about me too. Now, don’t go getting all misty eyed and funny on me, I just told yer some stuff and that’s it. Don’t mean I like yer enough for what you’re thinkin’.”

Brazen Polly is a foundling orphan raised in a brothel in the Hive. She hated the life and railed against the idea that this was all she was good for. She eventually had to leave after seriously injuring a mercenary who attempted something he should not have (she doesn’t go into the specifics), and had to strike out alone, but not before finding out she could throw magic and grow claws. Once she found out from a travelling wizard that she was a Sorceress descended from a Brass Dragon she hasn’t looked back, only forwards to a path of self discovery and self improvement; she doesn’t want to be weak and in a position where someone can take advantage of her ever again.

She has a soft spot for the little guy and the underdog, as she’s been there and this has landed her in trouble from time to time. She still can’t help herself, but woe betide someone who calls her a berk or Clueless for it. She’s good hearted but she has a fiery temper and a quick sharp tongue. She is also no stranger to bad language and a variety of insults and curses are in her repertoire. She might not be a lady, but she’s all woman.

Shown an interest in the Sensates, in big part due to the possibility of finding out more on Dragons in the Sensorium.

Prefers travelling light and carries a punching dagger that is a little tarnished but holds a very keen edge. She also likes to use a Masterwork Sling for some moments as it’s easy to carry and allows her to get a good belt at range. She’d still rather burn a foe, but you can’t always get what you want can you? She also has a Bag of Tricks that she can procure small critters from, but so far it has done little other than produce cute animals that stubbornly seem to resist doing what she encourages them to do.

About her crew (in her own words);

Norbert Del Rio – "This fella’s worth knowin’, and his chant’s quick, sharp an’ pointy, so no mug. He’s a looker, and if he wasn’t 2 feet shorter he’d be a cutter I’d have to stay clear of with a drink on me. As it is he’s my bud and I’d say I’m his. Yer needs at least one in the ‘verse who ain’t gonna try and jump yer bones or spike yer whens yer ain’t lookin’, and so far it’s ’im.

Lofgren Arrenson – “Straight up as yer like Gond Chanter (a Power who makes things, which at least has some use), might not look like much but you’s all knows that can be a right crafty front to have; ’e’s got a really lovely way with Fire, patches a cutter up when they’re a bit beaten down and shouts ‘is round fair and square, and ain’t never done me a wrong, so he’s a pal, and a nice fella; which is more’n can be said for most out there.”

Lef – “We ain’t pals like we was, but he seems ‘pologetic ’bout tryin ta pen me in the book, so we’ll see what a bitty time passin’ does; that’ll do fer now”.

Aethan – “Total tosspot. Lecherous, leering and 3 wrong words from gittin’ a hot foot. Laugh it up ya colossal berk, see what it gits ya.”

Brazen Polly

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