A Chant of Dark and Light

Tell Me What You See

We arse about looking all over the area for clues and at first we get very little. To be honest, this ain’t my sort of mission, all that in-faction stuff. No interest to me as an Indep, really. But jink is jink, so I guess I can help out.

We try to get into the old church at the centre of it all but no dice…those Athars won’t let any cutter in. So we nose around at the local pub, ‘The Ubiquitous Wayfarer’, where Brazen Polly and Lef ask the regulars for some of the dark of the church, and get some useful tidbits. Best thing about the gaff is an old statue that speaks riddles and lets us score an easy free drink. Wahey! Lofgren Arrenson makes potions and recruits some kobold helpers of a sort.

Eventually, Brazen Polly gets to meeting an old addlecove name of Kank who sneaks her into the church. Later on I go with her through that hole and we search. There’s some ancient and magicky stones that don’t rightly belong there, but nothing we do seems to make a bit of difference to them. So we leave.

We get to understand who is behind the standoff between the Athars and the Signers, thanks to some more good work from Brazen Polly, and we’re almost at the point we can report back and collect the loot.


Yup, I been a right busy cutter an’ no mistake, what with the speakin’ ta folks and followin; berks back to they’s kip and listenin’ in as some creepy limpin’ old cove plots our deaths fer bein’ too nosy and jeopardisin’ his plan; all in a days work fer a Sorceress wi’ Invisibility.

That ol’ Kank says he’s a time traveller type who’s seen some big fighty war thing comin’ down on us all, and I fer one think he ain’t spinnin a line; I’m too damned pretty an’ talented to ignore advice and portents from mad ol’ fella’s.

Don’t much cotton ta the Athars, bunch a’ berks. Signers’ve been yankin’ tails as well it seems, given it’s one o’ their folks who’s up ta no good. Shoulda taken a slice o’ what makes us Sensates so fine and easy goin’ I’m a thinkin’.

Did meet this Paladin type Guv’nor who was so far up hisself that I had ta tease and rile him some, what with a spot o’ flirty, a touch o’ hintin’ and seein’ the funny look on ‘is grid; I love messin’ wi’ straight laced snobs, even the pretty ones (especially the pretty ones)…

Tell Me What You See

It’s tough work trying to get the paperwork sorted that will get us in to this place. However, I seem to be making progress…

Tell Me What You See

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