A Chant of Dark and Light

Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)

Further into the trees we get ambushed by a bunch of spiders (what’s the collective name for spiders? A sting?) and this Ettercap thing. I feel bad about this as it’s my job – which I’m normally danged good at – to spot trapdoors and the like, and I plum missed this one. Still, I was lucky enough after it to avoid getting bitten to death by those berks and we managed to beat them without too much damage. A reminder of me to keep a good look out for trouble though!

Then we make it to what I guess must be Yggdrasil, the World Ash. Know-it-alls reckon that the tree reaches into every plane there is. I don’t know the light of that, but it’s one big tree. We travel up the branches – which must be 500 yards wide themselves – and make it to the trunk, which is even bigger. Huge doesn’t begin to describe it.

We come to a town that the bloods there call Crux. Pretty little place with wood everywhere, as you might guess. The local law, name of Nachen Jon, tells us all about it and where to set up kip, then we meet the local bigwig, one Veridis. He don’t look that special.

This seems a nice place to set up but we have unfinished business with those lizard berks. Once we get a sleep here I reckon we’ll call on their headman, who goes by the name of Haac(!)nss. (I know, crazy name. What can you make of that?) Don’t think he’ll swap us the beauty bottles for bub, somehow, though. Maybe I can lift them…?


Spiders, traps an’ several falls; I ain’t no climber that’s for bloody sure, as the spiders didn’t lay a mandidubble on me but that 20 foot drop of a pit gave a girl bruises in places she’d rather not thanks very much. Sooner I can fly the better. This climber bit is for the berks.

Not many trees in Sigil, and after all I done seen these last couple a cycles I was just about all treed out, when we gets to this Iggywhatsit tree, which is pretty damned big. I’d hate to see the monkeys that go along with it. This Crux place seems quiet, and nice, and all kinds of pleasant; in a words DULL. Still, I can;t think nobody’s that nice like, so I bet the real chant has us being served up as tasty sacrifices to some dingey little Power if we ain’t careful. Local ‘Ard ’Ead is what you’d expect for a place like this, and I think their bigwig is too damned smug; bet he’s made some dodgy deal with the lizzies to leave ‘is burg alone. We’ll see.

Anyways, unless the leader o’ the lizzies is a ton more agreeable than his mojo thievin’ flunkies, I predict tears in the nears, and if I have owt to do with it, it’ll be them cryin’ em.


Ambushed by a pit! But I manage to climb out and give these spiders what for. We are a bit more alert after that as we continue to follow the trail through the forest to the biggest tree (if it can still be called a tree) I have ever seen.

We walk along branches hundreds of yards thick and stop for the night in a hamlet. Seems pleasant enough, but I can’t help wondering what keeps the lizard folk from meddling here…


Hmmm… my magic seemed to fail me at the moment of most need… Perhaps have have strayed from the path of Gond. I must think on this.


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