A Chant of Dark and Light

I'm Looking Through You

We ask around town and this dead berk seems to have been seen around this last week and made a few business deals only to completely blank anyone involved this last few days. Hmm. He didn’t look different but he had changed: something odd about his character between those first appearances and now. Not a lot we can do at this point though, so we hang around his last kip, ‘The Lucky Lam’ and have some bub.

Sure enough, after a few hours this weird looking cutter sidles up stairs and I follows him, unseen like. He knocks on the door of the room where hisnibs is locked in a trunk quite dead, waits around and then leaves. He makes all sorts of odd symbols and recites some code like words as he does so. Not the actions of a guilty man, though, says I, but we accost him outside the pub and he rattles off a list of numbers and signals again, giving us the chant that he was going to get a fair haul of jink just for turning up there. Strange fella, right enough, but seems clueless.

Next day, though, when we spies him, he is walking along all normal like in the market, but leaving aside all those strange actions of his. We tumble to the dark of it that this chump is an imposter, so Brazen Polly goes invisible and follows, with me also on his tail.

He goes off to this dim little alley where he meets another peculiar sort…they reveal themselves not as cutters at all, but spirit things that are transparent save for their ugly mask like faces. Don’t take a genius to spot that they’re evil sorts either. Brazen Polly ain’t the sort of gal to hold back in the face of such baddies, so lets loose one of her burny spells. We get the drop on them, and Lef runs in too and clonks them with his curvy sword. Still, they don’t drop and then it all gets a bit odder yet.

Suddenly, they are covered in dense jungle. Where’d that come from? We get through to ‘em though, and force them to run. Just then, some of us think the floor gives way, but others see it for what it is…these berks are masters of illusion, then, I guess. As I’m indisposed at that point trying to avoid falling through what’s actually solid ground, it’s up to Brazen Polly to do the job of following them. She does a fine job (specially since she gets clobbered by Lef, who must be spooked up by their magic), and we come to a portal.

We go through, after some healing up courtesy of Lofgren Arrenson. Leads to Baator, alas. There it’s a baking desert with a black sky and these three nasties who can turn into giant scorpions tell us we’re trespassing on the territory of Set. That name is vaguely familiar. And not comforting. Still, his goons drop soon enough. Now we just need to find these shapeshifters and get the hell out of…er…hell.


By Shembalas danglies but that’s some right ugly spirit fellas on the loose, and I think we got our killers like, wot with their pennin’ cutters left right and centre; looks like they done fer that odd aasimar and his odd gesturin’ cant likes. Then we has this little bump n’ run in an alleyway with these uglies, and suddenly everyone’s seein’ stuff that just ain’t there, AND THEN Lef only goes and tries to kill me! Almost does it as well with 2 great bloody big stab wounds into my belly! Ass for a hat ‘ard ’ead sod! After the scrap an I follows the uglies back to their portal all subtle like seein’ where they goes, and then I goes back to the others; I don’t mind sayin’ that I had a few choice ones to drop in Lef’s shell like, an he’s all “no I didn’t” and “Mind your language or I’ll hit yer with my cosh”. Not the trustworthy response I was ‘spectin from a supposed friend or ally, and no word of a sorry or nuffin’; right you are then berk, if that’s the way yer want’s ta chant it, that’s the way it’ll be. I’m stayin’ right out o’ ‘is way and he ain’t never gettin’ no chance to get the drop on your’s truly ever again. I likes the others and that’s why I’m still here, but he and I ain’t travellin’ as pals like, and I ain’t gonna do ’im a turn, good or bad.

Well vented there likes; well, we goes through this ere ugly portal (with the tree all penned around it and lookin’ mighty peaky)and ends up in Baator… Bloody lovely. Baatezu ass fer hats all over this place I knows, and the least of em is a big problem to the likes o’ us cutters. Still, the three scorpion type berks who mob us and try their hands we kills okay, but that’s a right happy welcome rolled out from some Power called Set, and I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna get worse before we gets out of here.

I'm Looking Through You

We follow this suspicious character into an alley, and see him in his true form, along with another of his kind. Looks evil to me! We get stuck in about him, and I get in a couple of really good blows, and he runs away. We follow them out the town and through a portal, so we go in after them.

We end up in a Hell of some sort. Horribly evil stench all around. Three blokes show up, shout something about trespassing, and Set, and then turn into scorpions and attack us. So we quickly slay them. Better find the things we were chasing and get them sorted out quickly so we can get out of here.

I'm Looking Through You

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