A Chant of Dark and Light

I'll Get You

We follow the trail to a nearby stucco sort of village where a little boy runs and gets some higher-ups in the place to talk to us. These guys say they’ll take us to their leader (hoho) and we figure as they ain’t attacking us outright, it’s probably a better bet than running around aimlessly in this sandy land.

In a huge black pavilion thing this leader guy – looking much like all his underlings but dressed in a richer fashion – tells us he wants these face dudes too, as they’re looking to steal some flower or other from this realm. He tells us to leave, as they can defend their own borders, and looking at all his troops, snakes and hangers-on, he’s probably right. I’m just glad that old stick-up-his-ass Lef don’t make any trouble here. He can be a bit funny about upholding law and all that shenanigans.

We get escorted out and go back to Crux. Only we don’t. Those faceache berks muddle up our minds some more on the way and we travel and travel and get nowhere at all. They send some giant beetles after us and make their escape. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I’m getting mighty fed up of those guys making me into a leatherhead. Gah!

So, we get back to the village and spend a night in the pub. But get no further. In the morning we decide to go talk to Constable Nachen Jon about the deader and these bad ghostie things. Hmm…wonder if going to the police is such a good idea…?


Well that’s ‘bout as pleasant a welcome a cutter can expect from a Baator big wig an’ his assembled snake and warrior guards; leastways we know we ain’t the only ones getting grief from these illyushin spooks, an’ they ses summat ‘bout some mystical plant they’s being robbed of by the ghosty fellas. Anyways, away from Baator and into the Big Tree again, and wonch guess it but the freaks turn up again an’ start their hoodoo; Not as bad as last time but def’nately they’s gettin’ right on my nerves. Anyways, the freak runs off once we kills his beetles an’ we ges back to gittin’ ta Crux.

On the ways backs I notes Lef askin’ t’others about what happened in the alleyway, an’ I sees the jink startin’ ta drop that, you know he might have actually “BLOODY WELL TRIED TA KILL ME!”. Specially since he was so flip and poor ‘bout it afterwards (which is the bit that hurts almost as much as the 2 bloody great sword wounds to the gut). He mumbles some words ’bout ’pologies an not havin’ it right in ‘is head, but I’m still wary like an still keepin’ m’distance.

Bacl at Crux, we’s all pullin’ up nothin’ on what ta do next so we heads to the inn, an I ‘eads fer a bath. Got a bottle ’o the best bub brought up ta me by the serving lass, sent up to me from Lef. Good drop it is too. Him and me, we ain’t pals like what we was before this, but we’s better than we was since the alleyway. Any more’n that’s fer time in the future; I ain’t some woossy fergivin’ type, but I ain’t a right bitch either, so we’ll just be colleagues fer now. A good bottle o’ bub and buys yer at least that.

Next day we thinks’s it’s fer the best to come clean to the local ‘ard ’ead constable bout the freaks, an’ we ‘eads up to his official kip to tell ’im. We gets let in, an as we heads up the stairs, we hears the gates close behind us; gates wasn’t closed before like, so I’m now thinkin’, thank’s to that little bump o’ trouble itchin’ intyooishun, that it’ll be a time for the fightin’ soon…

I'll Get You

Aaaarrrggghhh! My head is spinning! Not sure what is going on.

First we go speak to some horrible evil bloke, thinking that he might be behind this mess, only to find that he is looking for these creatures too. However, we got out without a fight. Whew! There was a lot of them.

Then we go back into the portal and cant find the village again. Turns out these creatures have been messing with our minds. I have to be led out by a robot holding my hand!

Talking to the others afterwards, I find out why Polly is upset with me. Seems when I thought I was hitting them in the alley, I was hitting her! Not good! Not good at all! No wonder she is pissed off. I apologise, and hopefully she will calm down in a few days. I would never hit anyone who didn’t deserve it. I feel very guilty about this, even though I thought I was doing the right thing. (Don’t understand why the others didn’t mention it before though…)

We eventually get back to the village. In the morning we decide to visit the Sheriff.

The guard is acting a bit suspicious, and keeps us waiting. He leads us up the stair, and we hear the gates close behind us. I have never seen the gates closed before…

I'll Get You

It looks like a trap, smells like a trap, but we’ll carry on regardless…..

At least 5 of 4 is with us, so we’ll get to record the mayhem!

I’m sure Gond will keep an eye on us all.

I'll Get You

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