A Chant of Dark and Light

Devil in Her Heart

We safely subdue those crazy squirrel folk soon enough, albeit they do a bit of damage before they go down. They’re too cute to kill though, if I’m being honest. Who wants to beat lumps out of an oversized squizz I ask you? Anyways, we calm them down after we knock Glittereye out and quizz them some. They tell us something is really wrong with the tree and a great evil has passed this way…and might not even be gone yet. We then go home to Crux.

When we get in sight of the town, there’s smoke coming from a big building there. Eep. We high-tail it to the flaming place and find out that it’s none other than the head woman of the Woodcutters’ Guild, Marlus Van, who’s flipped her wig and is setting fire to her own kip! We manage to calm her down too before things get too out of hand and drag all the bodies out. No one dies. When she comes round it’s clear she’s gone loco in her bone-box so no one feels like being too harsh on her.

No sooner have we put out the fires than this Gith innkeep drags us aside and tells us to investigate a murder on the quiet. Interesting gaff this for a small village! Sure enough, there’s a poor berk who’s been penned in the book: knifed to the chest and neck and locked in the trunk in his room. He don’t smell too clever either, and we reckon he’s probably been dead a good few days. Funny thing is that the innkeep says he saw him passing just the day before. Something in all this smells even worse than his filleted corpse, let me tell yous. We better get investigating!


Owya; those rakakakakakatosks got sharp little claws fer a bunch o’ large rodents. Anyways, we puts em down gently and brings ‘em round a ways away from the bruise on the tree. Thought they was possessed or not in thir right minds or summat. When we gets back to Crux, an’ that business with Marlus, it’s obvious that bad mojo is goin’ down wi’anyone who has a mysticky bond with the tree, so no blame to them. Does mean that more’s goin’ on than we thought. Now a Githzerai says ’e’s got a murder in ‘is ’stablishment! Place is turnin’ inta Street o’ Angles or leastways a good likeness. So, we gots a dead fella, we gots a cutter creepin’ ‘roun lookin’ like ’im and we gots ta keep it on the QT from the local ’Ard ’Eads an officials; works for me.

Devil in Her Heart

Just as well I brought my retirement gift from the hard-heads – I never thought that I would be hitting so many things on their heads. Something strange is happening here, and it smells evil to me. Crazy squirrels, mad tree-loving arsonists, a brutal murder (and yet someone saw the victim days after he was dead) – I think there is a dastardly plan afoot. Need to investigate (on the quiet until we know who we can trust)…

Devil in Her Heart

Subduing, arson, falling beams…. All in a day’s work for a follower of Gond!

Devil in Her Heart

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