A Chant of Dark and Light

Cry For a Shadow

It was a trap all right. Guessed as much, but not in time…still, we didn’t get surprised by the cutters and gave as good as we got, in spite of illusions flying and diabolical mind control and all that stuff. A tough old fight, but we finally got the better of them and got the innocent (and hoodwinked) flatfoots on our side to finish off the baddies. Good riddance to those shadowy dudes!

Much thanks from townsfolk afterwards and even a reward from the town big guy, that Veridis guy. Guess he wasn’t that bad after all. Added to the jink from the innkeep not so bad after all.

Then, a trip back home follows which is mercifully uneventful.

Time slips by…I do a few jobs here and there and enjoy some of the good life for a while.

A few months later, this odd looking berk with an eyepatch contacts Lofgren Arrenson and asks him to assemble the group again to see what the chant is with this old church in the Lower Ward. Seems some factions are fighting over it (The Signers and the Athar it appears) and we have to discover what the dark of it all is…hmm…could call for subtlety this one. Best not let Lef go first this time!


Again! What in the Hells has me marked to be attacked and bedevilled by others in this bloody group? There we was, fightin’ hoodwinked guards and the dodgy weirdo freaks, an this time its Aethan who gets his head popped an’ comes at me, only this deviant don’t try and kill me, he grabs hold of me an’ starts leerin’ an’ grabbin’ m’bits an’ pieces, restrainin’ me while I’m bein’ battered by a spook face an’ a guard! Now, we win’s the scrape an’ he’s like “Sorry, they made me do it”… my arse! Like those spooks would “make you grab someone an’ sexually assault em”. Lyin’ toad. T’others are wonderin’ why I’m still angry and hatin’ on the great stupid berk after some months, but they’s not women and they seem t’ think that what he done was fergiveable. Clueless of em. That piker best not speak 2 words ta me or look at me funny or as sure as the Lady has Blades he’s gettin’ his comeuppance sometime, an I won’t raise a finger to save his sorry lecherous revoltin’ hide. Last thing the pervert’ll ’ear’ll be my laughin’ at his end. I’m a good girl I am, but you never do me a wrong turn like that. Never.

Anyways, now we gots a new gig, an’ it seems interestin’ enuff, what with the Athars an the Signers buttin’ heads over this ol’ church. Some crew o’ ’ard’eads seems ta have vanished in the lookin into, so we’ll keep an eye out fer ’em.

Cry For a Shadow

A trap! But we walked in there knowing it would be! So we turned the tables on them. Fortunately I gave the cosh to our halfling rogue and he ran round behind the hoodwinked guards and subdued them without causing any lasting damage, while we took on the real baddies.

Justice was done and seen to be done!

Got a nice reward. Then back to Sigil to restore the vitality potions to the victims. (Some nice rewards there too.)

Been hired for another job. Good. Word must have got around about us. We need to check out a church where people have been disappearing – including investigators from the HardHeads.

We are asked to be discreet and subtle. Best tread carefully…

Cry For a Shadow

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