A Chant of Dark and Light

Can't Buy Me Love

Our lodgings at this ’King’s Table’ place are pretty good. Certainly one of the better kips I’ve been checked in to on my many travels. Not bad beer either, although it does have a sort of woody taste to it. Interesting sorts kicking around there too, but we mostly keep ourselves to ourselves. No point in drawing attention. (Not that Lef the Hardhead ever sees it that way…to be fair to him, he does manage to blag a short cut route from a merchant in the tavern.)

We head through a strange portal to a little mini-plane thing called Naphraks, which is where those lizardy berks call kip. Not much to see, but at least they ain’t hostile right from the off and let us talk to their king fella. He won’t give all the bottles of beauty back – not much of a surprise there then – but does agree to sell us them for an outrageously huge sum of 500gp per bottle! Fat chance of that, buddy! Even if we could afford that, we wouldn’t pay for what is clearly nicked property: honour among thieves and all that means if you get caught by those you’re pilfering from or their agents, you got to admit it. You shouldn’t be dumb enough to be tracked back to your home with all the loot in plain view after all! Even though he’s a reasonable sort of cutter for a lizard, and surprisingly posh too, we all get to realising that a scrap is coming. We spring quickly to action and seem to get to it quicker than the Khaasta bloods. We make pretty short of the lot of them and end up taking one or two of them prisoner.

Should be a case now of leaving with a cart loaded with our recovered swag and heading back to Sigil. There we can reunite the loot with the cutters who lost their looks and some jink will be coming our way…maybe we can even make a profit on the journey…


The cheek of it! Trying to sell us the stolen goods – not on my watch! So we mete out some justice the hard-head way. Lets hope that makes these snakes change their skin.

Need to return the stolen beauty to the victims. Wonder where this device came from…

Can't Buy Me Love

Quiet pub, that Kings Table; assorted slackjawed Clueless, a Sigil Merchant and his bashers and a half elven card sharp woman ‘mongst others. Personally, I didn’t much care to be all sociable like, but that’s my mood. Odd that an unattached half elven chit didn’t draw more’ve a chant from some of the cutters I travel with, but no ‘countin’ fer taste. Musta been ‘cos we’re on a job (an’ that’s me bein’ charitable to ‘em). Good work on Lef gettin’ us a better route back to the Cage, I miss the smell o’ the Lower Ward an’ the Hive sometimes; only sometimes, except when I’m actually in ’em.

Speaking of armpits, this Naff Wracks place ranks as rank; toss up between Carceri an’ this place, I’d have to think long an’ hard likes. Still, visit an’ leave is the thing, and just check out the moves on this bunch o’ cutters, as we booted the bahookeys o’ the lizzies. Danced aroun’ a little chant wi’ their big lizzie, but no ways were we comin’ all this way to get treated like some no mark Clueless’ berks; 500 a bottle?! In a ratsies eye. Great bashin’ work by Lef an Aethan, clever castin’ by Lofgren, fierce sneaky spikin’ by Norbert an’ last but by no means least was yours truly blastin’ the handbags wi’ fire left an’ right; even gutted a berk wi’ my claws when I popped the sharp stuff from my dainty little mitts. I ain’t no bloodthirsty cutter or hacker, but I do like a good barney with some villainous types, as you can beat on ‘em an’ not feel bad about it.

So, our time ‘ere is almos’ done (I hope) an’ woe betide any critter that wants ta stop us. I still got my nastiest stuff up my sleeve. I’m really lookin’ forward to us reunitin’ the Mojo’s wi’ the victims, as speakin’ on behalf o’ pretty folks everywhere, it’s sometimes all some folks’ve got, especially cutters like me who need that certain “rrroarr” to do what we do.

Can't Buy Me Love

Ah… the power of Gond continues to flow through me. I would have preferred to settle the matter with less bloodshed, but it seemed that that path was quickly closed to us.

Can't Buy Me Love

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